Best Shot Photo Competition: Previous Assignments

The Best Shot photography competition launched in 2014 and it continues to gather fans, with stunning entries pouring in every week. The winner of each assignment wins a sensational prize and has their photo published in the next issue, so it’s well worth giving it your best shot! 

Current assignment:

Winning entry: Guy Needham

Guy Needham's powerful photo of a Huli tribesman preparing his face for a ritual dance in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea encapsulated the Coulor My World assignment in an evocative way.

Autumn 2015 - Colour My World

Ran from 10 Apr 2015

Winning entry: Liz Cadogan

Liz Cadogans sensational photo of Havana captures the mood and daily life of Cuba. 

Summer 2015 assignment: Love is...

The 'Love is...' assignment was focused on photos people, animals, a memorable travel experience, or something more abstract such as a hobby or passion. The only limit was your imagination!

Ran from 10 Dec 2014

Winning entry: Michael Chan

Michael Chan’s winning photograph has a deep sense of calm about it, and gives the viewer a sense of something to come. The Icelandic pony, shot in the Victorian countryside, seems about to take a step forward but has paused to reflect on something – a light breeze lifting its mane. The thick scrubby grass in the foreground makes it feel as though you can step straight into this moment in the afternoon sun. 

Spring 2014 assignment: Chasing Summer

It could have been a laidback tropical holiday on a Tahitian island or a trip to New Orleans, where you indulged in great food and wine on a hot summer night. It was all about what 'Chasing Summer' meant to you. 

Ran from 15 Sep 2014